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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Activity · #2264931
Butch finds out an old wives tale can come true.
Who Knew?

The Pine Street Gang gathered at the clubhouse. Liam was antsy like he was bursting to tell the rest of them something. Toby just sat quietly waiting for everyone to arrive. As for George, being the pompous and exacting type, he was standing in front of everyone waiting for the ruckus to stop.
“Where’s Butch?” he asked as he counted heads.
Liam was bouncing in his seat and waving his arm.
“You are not going to believe this!”
“Well, come up and tell us!” George said.
Liam stood and took several breaths to calm himself. He stepped up beside George and began to talk.

“You guys all know that Mrs. Blakely who lives in the old place at the top of the hill? Well, me and Butch were up there making faces at the windows…”
“Why would you do that?”
“Why not?”
“I meant without us,” Toby continued.
“What happened?” George asked, clearly impatient to get on with the club meeting.
“Don’t tell me,” Toby remarked with apprehension.
The whole mob looked at Toby.

‘My grandma says if you make faces for too long, especially at other people, your face can freeze that way!”
All the boys, except Liam, looked skeptical.
“That’s just what Mrs. Blakely did to Butch! She saw him make a particularly ugly face and made a motion with one hand. After that, Butch was stuck with that face!”
“So he’s hiding out at home?”
“Nope, his mom took him to a doctor, a dentist and a chiropractor to try and straighten his face out!”
“Well, we’ll give him a day or two, then maybe go and visit him,” George decreed.
“Yeah,” all the boys chorused, in a unanimous vote that said they definitely wanted to see how Butch could be any uglier than normal.

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