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I was untouched, never bathed. My eyes were never specated by another's greens. By all means, to die a worthy flower that watched the moon collapse into the sun, winter evolve into green without a single bee that hovered over its allure- was not a way to die. For Longing for your hands to not be your own, rejection was not a sin worth cursing for yet neglection of something special was to be mourned. There I stood, lanky and all, my legs long enough to be considered tall for my age. I was only 14, a babe still with touch of my mothers arms when first born, internally begging for the sky to come crashing down outside and for i to be saved and protected from my own doubt. Biology, it wasn't my favourite. I had no intention of pursuing a purpose that resolved around the human body, I was only young and my mind scared me enough, nevermind my organs already blackened by negative occurrences to live the way I did. She was there, standing across, she had more friends to boast, her arms curled up in the security of a friend for life, not having to fret about if one day wondering, old and all, if she had spent her youth lonely, envious of the girl who had it all. Laughing, her cheeks springing up and having to readjust her reality, her eyes wandered, where the origin of the wander began was unknown, perhaps to shatter the laughter to a dark corner- I'm not sure, but they ended up on me. I didn't want to be looked at, didn't want to have someone's opinions and wishes of me to run through their mind. We looked at each other a lot, but our days of happiness had been neglected by her distaste in the girl that stood alone, that had happened to fall for the girl she envied.
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