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Rated: E · Poetry · Fantasy · #2265129
A measure written in a short amounted time, short and direct motivations underlined.
Transfixed distortions confine me in everpresent reality;
demanding life in the meaning behind a fortune,
continual hatred does forget,
the possible escape unless one forget;
never understood the essence,
satisfied without critical reasoning,

therefore the lamp hides fortunes light,
shadows and clear vision are pondering delight,
want and desire,
compassion and love,
does invade me without bodies to hold,
there, among the tombstones,

is the woman I damned,
she brings further grace,
never eternal in her race-
what reason then does the earth reject?
Compounded love does erect the following passage,
never singing without the changing ghost to surpass reasoning,

without love, a man is little, or close to nothing,
but abiding in Christ, there be lots of sound advice,
without love, indeed,
man is solitary,
caused and effected,
nevermore singing songs of ghostly gasping chirping things,

deciphered without reasoning,
possibly escaping without traversing,
and distorted overdose delusions do compound against me
furtively and without pens to poetic forum trust;
“Continue!” shouts the rapport,
“You must continue!”

“But whose aim does correlate satisfied minds,
forever running through dead mazes,
shattering hearts and confounded folly,
brace and embrace the absolute thoughts;
deceptive entrusted growling, postured, prowling,
and he says, “Comrade, oh! How wonderous is my friend?”

Poetic Lines: 36 (Thirty-Six)
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