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by corado
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This letter to myself specifies my 2022 goals.
Dear me,

Please walk these steps trying to keep your balance against the gravity:

Ignore the wars in the world because there is nothing you can do about them. Since the Garden of Eden mass deportation, the intensity increased with the mess of tongues during the Babel Tower construction. Nothing you can do about it; take care of yourself and your loved ones by keeping out from toxic people and food.

Stop travelling in time, past or future, because it is relative; the Sun is moving, the Earth is moving even faster, so please fill your day with a heavy basket of your good deeds. Doing so is a guarantee that your living planet still is populated by humans.

Clean up the clutter alone, just in case you are worried that a helping hand could throw away that precious, unreplaceable sweater that your grandmother knitted for you. Be courageous, be brave, stay focused on the things you need today, not tomorrow or yesterday. Remember that time is only a conventional, human method to convince you to run faster and further. Faster, you will replenish your empty closets further. Don't look again inside if it's full again. Stay away! Give up! Walk outside if you can. Soon, after you leave this planet, somebody will be so happy to clean up your closets again.

Don't leave your dirty dishes in the sink. You never know when your heart stops, and you will find it disgusting if somebody must scrub the lasagna left on your spoon.

Don't try DIY kit if you conclude that life is unbearable because you realize that the human condition of being greedy competitive has no limits regardless of the geography, political or religious belief or the season. Don't worry, the Sun will arise early in the morning, there will be a smile, there will be a child in need for your hand on his first step, or a familiar human face on your street corner with a poster beside him: "Today is my birthday. Anything helps." You give him your toonie coin feeling sad for him. Remember! Nothing else you can do in the same way you cannot stop the wars in this world.

Go home, take a deep breath, finish your leftover tea and book, look out to the leftover sunshine, don't oversleep; the morning is here soon.

Wake up, don't forget to refill your day with a heavy basket of good deeds. Carry on, keep it on, keep safe.

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