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Unwavering reflections that come from the heart,
will renew our friendship with loving arms.
Past differences will be set aside, from all
the bad memories that we've endured; it's
the best news that has freed us from guilt, by
erasing those messages that made us feel bad.

Our destiny is driven by guiding hands,
taking us to places that we've never been.
We'll take each step one day at a time; it's
the perfect step to ease our minds. To
work with our brothers in every way,
we'll spend time with our sisters in a caring way.

Needless to say, we find our situation(s)
hard to understand, but, more than not, the
most dire consequences in life must certainly
be, the most provocative times in history; it
was plain to see, that this is an example
of warring behavior.

It's radical enough to think that our thoughts
have become lackadaisical, when thinking
about remembrances that were fantastical.
From one destination to another, our minds
will travel to places of uncertainty, longing
for places with certainties.

A questionable theory that leaves us hanging
by the edges, continues to evolve on what we
capable of doing. Do we give up? The
answer is no. Do we strive to complete our
complacency in life? The answer is yes.

People come and people go; a fact to consider
when our confidence is lagging. Putting on a
the front is highly considered when trying to
impress a certain individual, but, remember
this, being yourself is exactly what you need.

Flattery will get you somewhere, but the
ability to hurt someone to achieve a sarcastic
way of putting them down will get you nowhere;
the victim suffers uncannily. Don't use sarcasm;
this isn't the way.

Unwavering reflections, when done right, are a
way of which we can achieve the most memorable
moments we can achieve. Compliment someone
for the things they do, or what they wear, but
don't put them down for the way they look; be an
encourager; you may find them wanting to improve
their outlook on life.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Sunday, January 16, 2022

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