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by Sumojo
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A poem about a new pair of shoes for Lucy
32 lines

Lucy is a dog of habits,
Every day is set in stone,
First a walk and chasing rabbits,
Then a sniffing journey home

Till one day she held her paw
Up to her master to peruse
He saw that it was hurt and sore
Nail all torn, pad cut and bruised

The Vet had told her, no more walking
That sore foot, she must rest.
Even though she tried sweet talking
Her foot just couldn’t pass the test.

Sad she was until that day
A knock upon the door.
A package sent to Lucy May
She found outside the door.

Ripping open with her teeth,
She found to her surprise,
Layers of paper, then underneath
A gift that made her energise.

Her master had her sit and lift
A paw, on which he slipped
A shoe! Lucy placed her nose and sniffed.
Then tried it on the ground and gripped.

She ran outside into the wood,
Those shoes so soft and pliable.
She ran because at last she could,
Her shoes were justifiable.

Now Lucy loves her snazzy shoes,
She wears them every day,
And in the park she tells the news
To dogs she meets along the way.
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