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by Bob
Rated: E · Fiction · Sci-fi · #2265488
Mr &Mrs. Sean O'Brian off to new lands
"Twas a fine wedding was it not Mrs. O'Brian?" asked Sean as he goaded up the fine pair of oxen pulling their oxcart of belongings on the south road leaving Boston. "Hup, Broad, hup Brandy, move on there boys."

"Aye twas indeed a frollicing good wedding Mr. O'Brian," returned Coleen with a soft smile as she rocked on the high cart seat as her new husband tended the oxen below.

"We'll travel till the sun sinks in the west then camp for the night. It may take a few days to get toughened to the road, Lass. Are you up to it then?"

"Boyo, I'd soon follow you to where the sun sinks in the west if need be. I'm excited for the trip and anxious to see our new land down in Alabama territory, so you just keep them oxen movin'."

Coleen's mother packed a basket of food for the trail enough to last their first day. They stopped around noon at a shallow creek to let the oxen water and rest while they lunched on roast chicken and a fresh loaf of bread. Then moved on so to make as many miles as possible before sundown.

Off to the right was a small scope of grass with a longleaf pine thicket between the grass and the big woods. Sean lead the oxen off into the knee deep grass and loosed them from the cart. He removed their yoke and they shook their heads as he staked them out where they could graze. Sean had purchased a young bred sow and a milk cow from a local farmer and crafted a leather harness for the pig. During the first day he had to tow the recalcitrant animals along till they were used to following the cart. He watered the pig and fed it a bate of shelled corn at the corner of the wagon. He staked the cow with the oxen after milking her. He then built a small fire in the clearing for Coleen to prepare their evening meal. She fried potatoes and warmed the second half of the big roaster chicken packed by her mother. Sean fastened a canvass from the corners of the cart with ropes and stakes fastened to the ground. He then gathered tender pine bows and built he and Coleen a soft bed and covered it with a quilt from her hope chest. Another to cover them from the chill of the night and two new pillows for their heads.

He paused to dine with Coleen then slipping a pistol in the waist band of his belt he scouted the woods for fallen wood to keep up their fire through the night. He leaned a loaded musket at the head of their bed. They each washed off the trail dust in a nearby stream and retired for the night. Sean took her gently in his arms and kissed his bride deeply. Coleen sighed and snuggled close to his warmth. She reached out and pulled an exposed pine frond to her nose and inhaled deeply.

"Love, I'll remember the scent of pine boughs forever when I think of this night."

"Aye lass," said Sean as he nuzzled her ear, "I too shall keep this night forever in my memories."
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