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Drabble - 100 word flash fiction. Here's 3 examples.
A drabble is a piece of flash writing exactly 100 words long, no more, no less. It must tell a complete story or be a whole essay. It cannot be a fragment, a scene or an anecdote.

Here’s three of mine.


“So what happened with you and Johnny last night?”
         “He picked me up in his dad’s Mercedes and took me to that fancy restaurant down by the sea. Afterwards we walked along the beach in the moonlight and he told me that he wanted to be with me always. We held hands and walked for miles.
         “Then we went to the lookout and talked some more. We kissed and hugged one another and talked. Then he brought me home and walked me to the front door.”
         “How romantic!”

“So what happened with you and Mary yesterday?”
         “We made out.”


“Mum! Here he is! Dad’s over here!”
         The two women rushed to the man lying on the sidewalk. He was flat on his back, legs apart, one arm by his side, the other outstretched. The falling rain beaded on his skin, but was stained crimson by the time it flowed away from him into the gutter and down the road.
         The younger woman squatted and touched the face of the man. He barely moved. “I knew we’d find him eventually,” she said.
         “Yes,” her mother replied.
         The younger now touched his chest. “Is he dead?” she asked.
         “Oh, yes.”


“That’s a nice suit. It suits you.”
         Carmine smiled at the store attendant’s attempted joke. “Thanks. That’s good,” he replied quietly.
         “I think just a little bit extra across the shoulders and maybe tighten up the waist on the pants,” the attendant went on.
         “No, this’ll be fine,” Carmine sighed.
         “Are you sure? It’ll only take a week or so…”
         “No, I need it tomorrow.” Carmine smiled sadly. “It’s a gift.”
         “But, sir, if it is a gift, how can you fit it out?” The attendant’s confusion was evident.
         Carmine responded with another sigh, “My twin brother is being buried.”

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