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writer's cramp entry for 1/23/22 1st day of 20th ann. celebration.
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The fact of the matter is that one of the main reasons more people don't make money as writers is because of the inevitable hand cramps and head cramps that come from repetitive writing strain. Far too many of us spend far too much money and time trying to solve these issues. When in all actuality they both can be solved by dictating your writing to your cat. Sure there is a process in teaching them to type and spell correctly, but it is clear that felius domesticus is fascinated with the computer and will willingly learn any skills necessary to spend more time on one, especially if it is more time with their pet human. Once the technical aspects of this cure have been met it is simply time to just talk your story out and the cat takes care of the rest. I mean if they can order pajama jeans, which I can fully attest to, then they are more than capable of typing up even a complex first draft. Check into the techniques, they are easy to google, better yet youtube cats typing.
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