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writers cramp entry for 1/24/22 2nd day of 20th ann. challenge
"What will they use to name the generations now that they ran out of letters. I mean, Generation Z, now what?"

"Google it man!" I began typing in a destination to the GPS on my phone, "Which gate are we supposed to meet him at?"

"We're supposed to meet him at the Aquarius."

"Whoa dude! I thought we were meeting him at the aquarium!"

"Aquarius, aquarium what's the diff?"

I slapped the steering wheel several times, "The aquarium is on the east side of town. The Aquarius Club is down south and the Aquarius
Theater is up northwest! Which is it man?"

"Yeah, it's the Theater."

"Buckle up we're running late!" I put the key in the ignition and started the car. I might have totally ignored most of the posted speed limit signs on the way but we got to the Theater in plenty of time. A crowd surrounded the theater with protest signs.

"Save the Aquarius!" the signs read and the protesters chanted.

"Dude, Are you sure this is where we're supposed to meet him? What does he look like?"

"Yeah, he's over there in the "Year of the Snake" t-shirt."

"The guy on the podium?" He has it on him?"


"How are we supposed to make the exchange?"

"Hang here." He hopped from the car and walked over to the podium with the money concealed only partially by his palm. He held his hand out to the dude. They tagged each other's palms and the exchange was made for all to see. That was one thing about this dude he had balls of brass. He marched loosely back to the car. "We're golden!"

"Give it to me!" I pulled out my tablet and the adapter. Dude handed me a flash drive I plugged it in. Sure enough this was the original cut of "Starwars" before Lucas began twiddling around with the universe. So worth a hundred bucks!"

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