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Growing up Z is not an easy task.
There's A Snake In My Boot!

"The eighties created the most iconic and enduring pop culture," Mom said over dinner. She enjoyed the immediate response from her 20-year-old.

"No they didn't. The nineties and the two-thousands also have cool stuff."

She laughed. "Ha! The highest drama you kids of Generation Z will ever experience is a Pixar character stubbing its toe. Your lives are so bowdlerized that your witches are pretty and kind, trolls are tiny and have pink hair, even Woody's boot only says it has a snake in it, but the snake is never seen."

"Us kids born between early January 2001 and early February 2002 are the fruit of the Year of the Snake, and we also have the Metal enhancement. We're more metal than the eighties could ever be," John said. "We are ambitious, strong, and determined."

"Maybe," Mom said, "but on the inside, you hide the most sensitive souls that just want to make life nice for everyone around them. Aquarius, who is also know by Ganymede is a shining example of that as he dutifully carries cups for the gods."

"Are you mixing zodiacs now?" Now it was the son's turn to laugh.

"Well, what has come out of the nineties or early two-thousands?" Mom asked, bringing the subject back to where the conversation started.


"He's from the 1930s."


"Also very old. Now my turn. Gremlins, E.T., Mario, oh, and speaking of metal: Metal Gear Solid. See, your generation is just riding on the steam created before you."

"Okay, the eighties started a lot of cool stuff. We have the better graphics though."


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