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Annual tradition to write a letter to myself and then see where it leads to in the end.
Dear Me 2022

Healthy eating, more exercise, more hiking, traveling. Check, check, check. Yes, yes. The new year is full of good resolutions, but let's cut to the chase and talk about the thing that is really important: fiction.

Fiction is the number one most important and highest good there is.

January 2022 is almost over. You waited until there were less than four days left in the month to even start drafting this Dear Me Letter that is supposed to kick your year off.

There is a good reason for that. I was writing fiction. I am also reading fiction. And I'm getting ready to write, read, and watch more fiction. I'm doing it right this time.

I'm going to start with the fiction I've written so far.

I took part in "Andre The Blog Monkey's Banana Bar and wrote sixteen new entries for my blog "Life is Full of Good Things.

Not only that, I am also taking part in the 20-year-contest-anniversary party over at "The Writer's Cramp. So far, I have added five new short stories to "Writer's Cramp Entries with two more planned.

On Monday, which has not happened yet, but is still in January, I am going to try my hand at 100 word micro fiction for ten weeks over at "The Micro-Fiction Challenge

Although it is my own writing challenge that I am offering to the community, I am also a participant in "I Write: Enter the Second Decade. It started on January 1st and has given me yet another reason to write and review once a week. This goes until mid-March, but I have already set up two more ten-week sessions this year. 30 weeks of writing and reviewing in one year is not nothing.

Where there is fiction writing, there should be fiction reading.

Why yes, of course!

I am currently on my third fiction book of the year. I signed up over at "Rach's Reading Club, which will lead me through ten months of reading thirty books. Thirty books total, not each month. As of now, I am on my third book. I am a little behind because I don't think I will finish it by the end of January, but I am more than halfway through and I have already picked out my February books. A solid plan is half the work.

Here are my product reviews for the first two books, if you're interested.
1. "Book 1 - Science Fiction"  
2. "January Book 2: Fantasy"  

I see. You are off to a good start. As you were.

Wait! That wasn't all. I also watch fiction.

Viewing fiction on streaming services might feel frivolous, but it is fiction nonetheless and there are few things that have kept me from going to sleep on time recently.

The Witcher  's second season is taking some creative license with an already very long body of work. If they keep filming it at that pace, they will have a hundred seasons to complete all of the books. I'm here for it.

Arcane   might be animated, but the story is solid, not for kids, and there is a real adventure, drama, trauma, and romance in this. Watch it.

The Book of Boba Fett   is little bit of a mixed bag. I realize that Robert Rodriguez's style does not really fit the needs of a Star Wars story set in the Din Djarin universe. Jon Favreau's episodes are exactly as expected. The real star is Bryce Dallas Howard. The episodes she directs drive the story forward and have plenty of moments that cause instant celebration. Best watched with other Din Djarin, Boba Fett, and Fennec Shan fans.

Going forward into 2022, I plan to watch more K-Dramas and other series in the original version with subtitles. I have found that I either want to understand what they are saying, or have no clue whatsoever and have to rely on subtitles. That means I enjoy English, German, and French shows. I like Korean, Japanese, or other entirely different languages. I have a hard time watching Spanish. I understand just enough to get confused by what I hear and what the subtitles say. That means I watch Spanish shows in dubbed versions although I hate the way dubbing actors sound.

Descendants of the Sun   and Arthdal Chronicles   are the second and third shows I am watching with Song Joong-ki   after Vincenzo  . I can watch him without subtitles. Not because I understand Korean. I just love the way his voice sounds.

This all sounds great. Is there anything else I should know for 2022?

Yes. There is one very important place I have to tell you about before I can let you go.

As you saw, there are several forums that will lead me through writing or reading this year. To keep it all together, not lose track, and even insert some of those typical good resolutions like eating my vegetables and exercising, I use "Habit Heroes . This forum is pretty much the best single place here on Writing.Com. No disrespect to anyone else. We all do good things. Everyone who offers anything to the community and keeps up with it regularly is a hero at serving our community. Over at "Habit Heroes , there are daily check-ins, daily encouragement by the hostess, monthly merit badges, occasional banter between participants. It's really quite unique in all that it does. I highly recommend everyone check it out. It covers everything. Really.

Looks like you have 2022 locked and loaded. It'll be fun to travel along and see where all these fun forums take you to this year.


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