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Johnson and Edmondson are first on the scene.
The Crime Scene
WC 178

Yellow and black crime scene tape cordoned off the area. The stereotypical rookie, Emil Johnson, and the lead detective, Carl Edmondson, had just arrived on the scene.

“Johnson, take a photo of the body.”

“Well, when do we get to question witnesses, sir?”

“First things first?”

“Well, sir, what should I do with this bullet thingy?” Johnson held up the casing.

Jacket,” Edmondson said. “It’s called a jacket.”

“Cut! Cut!” the director said as he bolted from his perch. “Get your lines right! It's a casing. A casing!”

The director’s face was bright red, and his neck veins were bulging. He pointed to the actor playing Johnson. “You have to put gloves on before you pick up the casing, stupid!”

“Stupid? Stupid? This script is stupid! Lame!” said the actor playing Edmondson. “Did you do any research before you wrote this piece of garbage?”

“You're fired! Both of you.”

“You can’t fire me. I quit,” the actor playing Edmondson said. “We quit!”

He motioned to the other actor. “You coming?”

“So is it a jacket or a casing?”
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