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A quest goes slightly awry
The Ring

The companions crept toward the clearing. Wood smoke scented the air as Skrie peeked out from the bushes.

Karl perched in the rocks above the camp, bow in hand. She knew the man was up to no good when he nocked an arrow and pulled the bowstring. Whispering an arcane phrase, the ground at the man's feet rumbled as the rocks danced. He jumped up with an "eep!" and the three people in the clearing turned to face him. The woman spoke, gesturing toward the stone. A bolt of fire shot from her hands, hitting Karl square in the chest. He collapsed.

The two men drew their weapons and circled the perimeter, stopping near where Malusk and Theren hid.

"Come out, or I'll set the forest on fire!" the woman shouted, hands moving.

Malusk stepped out from the bushes, hands held out from his weapons. Theren was nowhere in sight. Good.

"Where's your friend?" the half-elf asked, searching the edges of the clearing, poking his sword into the bushes. "The hin you've been traveling with?"

As he got closer, Skrie pulled the ring from her belt pouch, dropped it into the dirt, and covered it with her foot. Then she stepped out into the clearing, staying far from Malusk.

While the half-elf watched her, she heard, "Malusk, get out of there now!" followed by another arcane phrase.

Skrie dropped face-first, covering her head with her hands. That was when everyone in the clearing, except her and the half-elf, fell into a peaceful slumber. The helf stood stupefied for a moment before launching himself toward the sound of the last words. More arcane words issued forth as he did, and fire knocked him back.

"Don't," said Skrie as she stood, drawing her weapons as he tried to rise.

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