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Hermione isn't big enough yet!
Ron stares in shock at the brainy girl he married. Both of them have become enamored with her huge scaly form. She stretches taller and taller still growing. Soon, to Ron's horror and delight, she fills up the cavern and bursts into the rest of the school. Her face showed both pain and pleasure at her ordeal and Ron decides to go with the flow. After all a happy hitch was with a happy witch and he certainly did not want her to stop now that she filled the entire school. Her head bursts through the roof towering over the towers and her tail reached all the way down into the lake. Hermione finally remembers her hubby, picks him up with her claw, and sets him on her chest. "Don't worry my little wizard." she rasps. "I wont eat anyone." Ron can't speak through sheer pleasure at his massive dragon goddess' beauty. He begins to knead the soft scaly bust he sat on as she continued to grow. "I hope you don't stop!", he finally squeaks out." "Don't worry. I won't ever stop!", she replies.
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