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Rated: 13+ · Novella · Fanfiction · #2267521
Hermione gets hyper busty.
Ron's voice trembles as he asks, "What will you do now?" She looks at him long and hard before answering, "I'm pretty hungry". Ron begins to shake like a leaf and she hastily adds "Not for humans though", guffawing at the look on his face, causing sonic booms, her body quaking the ground. As she quiets down she begins to pick up the mostly intact sections of the school and puts it back together. Her wild dragon magic does the rest, healing the school to what is was before. Suddenly, 24 Aurors arrive lead by Harry, wands blazing. Every spell hit their mark in her chest only to be absorbed like scale lotion. Her chest glows with a inner light and begins to accelerate, getting bigger much faster. Soon they begin to eclipse her torso lifting her head as they expand. The Aurors realize this too late and get trapped inside her chest. Now the size of 3 Quidditch fields, they slow down to match her height growth again. "I think they enjoyed that" she quips.
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