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Ruminating through the Rear Window of Life


When I was young, as is the case
in many old men’s former days,
I always thought I'd win the race
with ease and style and, yes, with grace.

When I was younger, yet untried,
I never paused to ponder life.
No, fastidiously I plied
myself to mastering the tide.

The world could never hold me down
for I was full of life you see.
I'd swim, by God! That, else I'd drown,
but knew, YES KNEW, I'd gain the crown.

It took me years. So slow to learn.
The tide's relentless in its grind….
And love is not a crown to earn….
Regardless, does the world turn.

Now near the end, my youth behind,
I think upon the world I see.
Still so much joy today to find,
and still more living to unwind.

For I am just a leaf upon
the river of eternal life.
Yes, soon enough my part is done--
a moment more, my footprints gone….

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