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It was an era of innocent fun
Have Fun and Don't Overthink

It was an era of innocent fun,
Our worries were like spring's windy bluster--
Unseen monsters threatening to devour
The ambient joy of our carefree life--
Illusions we believed would disappear
Once we reached the age of maturity.

Why did we think reaching maturity
Would produce fewer worries and more fun?
While the worries of childhood disappear
Adult woes are like a typhoon's bluster
Blowing away much of the joy of life
That childhood's demons could never devour.

Why do we let adulthood's fiends devour
The subtle pleasures of maturity?
Why are we wasting precious days of life
Overthinking fears that interfere with fun?
Remember that the storm's howling bluster
Is temporary and will disappear.

Face your problems and they could disappear,
Shrink in size and be unable to devour,
Or become a breeze without the bluster
That destroys the joys of maturity,
Scatters the happiness that comes from fun
And always makes for a miserable life.

Remember you're the one who lives your life
Do not let your happiness disappear
Each day you need to do something that's fun
An action your depression will devour
And will help you enjoy your maturity
Without obsessing on worries bluster.

Even during days of windy bluster
When there is no logical sense to life
And you are doubting your maturity
You can make all of your worries disappear
While slaying the monsters that could devour
By remembering childhood foolish fun.

Having fun overpowers worry's bluster
While overthinking will devour your life
And make joy disappear in your maturity.

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