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Thoughts for Valentine's Day, 2022
Love Is . . . (a work in progress)

Love is strong, it perseveres,
a patient plodding ox.
Love is whispered nothings,
a promise in a box.

Love is private sacrifice,
unnoticed, quiet, small.
Love is unredacted,
a blaring trumpet call.

Love is leaving home behind
and never looking back.
Love is breaking all the rules
when opposites attract.

Love is bursting fireworks,
writ large across the sky.
Love's a buried treasure chest,
kept safe from prying eyes.

Love is all-consuming,
a fever of the brain.
Love delivers souls in need,
a lifeline to the main.

Love is possibility,
a dare to be reborn.
Love poses no conditions,
a haven from the storm.

Love is an obsession,
an urgent, driving need.
Love is abnegation,
exchanging you for me.

Love is all-encompassing,
a gentle rain that falls.
Love is laser focused
on seductive siren calls.

Love looks up to heaven,
a vision pure and true.
Love keeps us firmly grounded,
pushing on and getting through.

Love is instant karma,
a lightning bolt sublime.
Love is carved in granite words,
enduring throughout time.

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