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I swear I had time just a second ago. What happened?
Distracted world, wired and connected
Vampire fangs rip clean into our time.
Trite notifications on hand command
Attention, right now, undivided, please.

Distracted world, noisy and invasive
There is no escape from the endless buzz.
Swept by the whims of the external world,
Our minds do not rest, not even in sleep.

Distracted world, surveilled and scrutinized
Collecting our data, storing our lives.
The algorithm sells propaganda
Carefully curated to steal our time.

Distracted world, relentless and troubled
The bad news never sleeps, neither do we.
Swept in unease, we stumble through the dark
With liars, cheaters, and no good leaders.

Distracted world, vexed and disappointed
Hot headlines bait us daily, yet we blame:
Work, school, loved ones, body, mind, and time while-
In serfdom to our screens, time dies in vain.

Distracted world, we are disconnected
Time is currency, spent well or wasted.
When we spend time on things that matter most,
Distractions will die with no ardent host.

Distracted world, learn the value of time
Money comes and goes, time is only spent.
Distraction is a tenacious pirate
Pillaging time, leaving nothing behind.

Distracted world, detach from distractions.
Not from wires that bind our profiles,
But from essential needs that serve us well-
Connection, discipline, forgiveness, love...
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