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The story of a human who became a vampire at a very tender age

He felt a surge of power in his body. Sucking his teeth, he looked at his victim, who before now had being blabbering some curse and charging at him, he wants more of the delicious blood but he had had enough.
"BLOOD SUCKERS" he thought. Proudly, he extended his aura, which could knock any human being out, but he perceived nothing meaning he was all alone, he looked around but he saw nothing. He was in the shadows of the night.
"SHADOWS", he said aloud trying to hide his victim's body, he was now a shadow man or rather had become one.

Jasper hadn't known of life in the shadows, or about walkers of the night, neither did he believed the talks about them (but he believe now). He looked back at the corpse of the gardener he had fed on and think about the people that accommodated him for the mean time, they knew nothing about what's happening right now, he smiled and let out some hiccups, "bunch of pretty nutritional containers" he thought and then sat down, sending out mind messages in case there were other shadow creature around. He heard a squeak, the rat just passed by eyeing him, he watched as the rodent fiddled with the leftovers of sandwiches on the gardener's plate, scattering the rubbish bin, it went his way.

Jasper then stood up as he remembered he had to get back home (is it really home?) before it would be late. Stretching out his body, he summoned all the newfound powers, calling them together, He felt an aura of support in his feeded veins as he searched his heart for a way to get home quick. Then he got the answer, "THE BAT". As he ruminate over this, he spread his arms, and he felt the strong lined wings of a bat, then off he to the sky, sending messages of everything he could think of.
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