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Gala is immortal and bored until a visit to humans provides them entertainment.
~ 500 words

Gala Intergalactica

Skipping through the stars, Gala was bored with the Galaxy. As an immortal Gala was bored with time. There was too much of it. As a hermaphrodite there was plenty of sex. Gala was bored with that too. Those who flippantly said, "been there, done that", had nooooo clue.

Gala needed something new.

Perhaps becoming sexless and mortal? Nah. Even mountains were boring and eroded in time. Time. There was too much Time.


After a century (human time) Gala decided to visit Earth. There wasn't much to see last time. A bunch of huge animals feasting on each other. It was said that an asteroid took care of that nonsense once before. Now a new life form was trying to self-destruct before the next asteroid did them the favor.

At least the barren twin planet was still there. Gala decided to go there first to assess the risk. The more risk the better. If it proved to be as boring as others said, there was always swimming with the methane mermen through the clouds of Neptune before going elsewhere.

The first spin around the Sun was peaceful. Gala caught up on some well-deserved rest while reminiscing over the past thousand years. A glint in the sky put an end to that. A spy?

Gala pulled on their cloak. Better to be invisible. Was that a laser beam? A pulsating beacon? Radar? If their cover was blown already, better to just go down and look around.

Gala was not prepared. The once-blue skies were hot and sooty. The land was blowing sand. Last visit this place was green. Ah, a four-footed animal. Why was it fleeing?

Gala took one look at the contraption roaring towards them and fled too. It had multiple heads and wheels instead of paws and it made loud noises as projectiles hit the dust at Gala's feet.

Gala breathed. When thoughts cleared it dawned on them that it was some kind of mechanical beast with animals on board. Not a comforting thought.

At least there were rocks to hide behind. But... the blocky stone caves seemed to be occupied. Humans. There were humans everywhere.

Gala was gleeful. There would be plenty of risk, lots of drama, with luck a war would break out. Humans were known for providing entertainment. This quadrant of the Galaxy watched their antics all the time. "Better to watch and be wary then to look away and be sorry", they all said.


Now each day wasn't a given. Would they be blown to bits, reduced to atoms? Gala recorded each day's drama and sent audios, visuals, touch-taste-smell and other sensual (humans are sooooo limited) recordings, throughout the galaxy. They had quite a following on Insta-Galactic. Friends decided to put the planet under a no-visit interdiction. Oh, to be abandoned but not forgotten! Gala was thrilled to have a front seat to impending chaos. They were wide awake. And alone. Gala grinned. They didn't have to share.

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