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by fyn
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Long time!

Been on WDC
That's like
a quarter (literally)
of my life!
A third of my adult life.

Same year I joined WDC,
I got back together
with a long lost love
and I've been here ever since.
Seventeen years in June.
Longest I've ever been anywhere.

This from the free spirit
whom no one ever
entered her address
(back in pre-cell phone days)
in ink because she moved around.
A lot: every two years on average.

But then, this is home.
WDC and home-home. He is my home.
WDC is my home as well.
Somewhere, along the way,
I've grown roots.
Become deeply rooted.

I have had friends here from almost day One.
They who have become more: family.
Trusted, vital, important. She who had learned
never to trust, learned there were those
she could - trust and love and once
again let people in.

Was one a fertilizer for the other?
Was one the life-giving water
to quench a thirst I never knew I had?
And which was which?
Did they feed off each other?
I know this for sure --

Both have bloomed.

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