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No one can hear you scream
It's cold, damp and dark
Muffled screams distantly
A shadow? Or is it there?
Lurking, waiting inside

Terrified thoughts scramble
For clarity, all reason lost
Where did it come from?
What is it? Can it die?

It became many, horror alive
Endlessly serving, tirelessly seeking
A black queen awaits
No one will hear me scream

Alone now, fear shed
Left with only one option
I must destroy them all
Before it takes hold, bursting through

It doesn't matter anymore, any of it
What it is, where it came from
Only one thing remains, it must die
By my hand, in fire I trust

And in vaccum it dies
But can it die? Will it die?
It must die
Because out here....
No one will hear me scream

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