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Potential Community Merit Badges
I would like to commission a few Community Merit Badges

But, I need some input from the collective wisdom of the WdC Community!

Thinking Caps

I have a few images and ideas for them, but Pubby wants more—


*Badge* Do you have any ideas for Merit Badges we need to add to our Community Collection? *Badge*

*Badge* Do you have a great image that would make a wonderful badge? *Badge*

*Badge* Is there a Genre or Sub-Genre not covered by a badge that should be? *Badge*

All suggestions or image examples must be rated E for Everyone.

You can either reply here in the comments—please tag me {huser:brennus}

Or if you'd like this to be our little secret until its made Email me by clicking on the envelope below;

Richard ~ May Flowers

Get Well Soon! ~ Possible Get Well Badge ~ Commission submitted 03/05/2022
Bully Free Zone ~ Bullying Not Allowed ~ Commission submitted 03/05/2022
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