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I don't know what to call this, but I had to put this in words.
Every day I wonder if people are still sane
They do things that are hard to explain
Sometimes I feel like the worlds has us all secretly restrained
Like everything we have to feel, we are forced to contain

Until our futures have already been planned and ordained
That happy feeling something we all now occasionally have to feign
To hide the sadness in our hearts and brains
Everywhere I look, people’s souls have started to wane

How much of this inhumanity must we all sustain
What do we as people really stand to gain
If we all work together there is so much more we can attain
It’s time to end this cycle of pain

(Brief Pause)

It’s never the time to place hate or blame
Otherwise everywhere the world will go up in flame
The lives of everyone everywhere have aren’t meaningless or a game
Peace and harmony between all should always be our aim

Things don’t have to be as bad as our leader's claim
Some leaders just trying to hold onto their own money, power, and fame
This vicious bloody cycle that divides us all is lame
Repeated throughout history by countless names

Each of us is facing our own trouble and endgames
It's time to gather, to stop violence and public shame
Those are things that by now we should have all overcame

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