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A conversation with the Divine
When I asked You for a kindness
You smiled sweetly, and gave me two
Said I need one for my brother
then You just laughed and said him too.
Because I was falling a-part
in due course You became my glue.
I was in need of direction
and so You told me what to do.


I feel Your presence always, through each dark night and every day
Listening to Your quiet voice, find comfort in all You say
Oh I need You in my life my Lord, in all the things I do
All my trials and tribulations, I lay them out for You.

Can I lean on You discretely?
I asked with some real concern
and You held on to me tightly
with such a love I can't return.
For my every indecision
You would explain what I must learn
When life's problems hurt me sorely
then for Your solace I would yearn.


A shame we don't hear You clearly,
and I gave such a heavy sigh
Why is that? You asked politely
a merry twinkle in Your eye
The mistakes we make in Your name
It's a wonder that we scrape by
Not all of us see too clearly
You will judge us after we die.


Every one of us makes mistakes
You see the best in each it's true.
Know the intention in our hearts
when we just haven't got a clue,
teach us how to live correctly
how we must start each day anew
I, my brother need Your blessing
You say yes, and yes to him too.

Chorus. (repeat and fade).
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