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by Glenny
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A story my father made up for his children

“Fairies are real.” Declared Sam her hands on her hips and a slight frown on her face. “They live in the moss at the bottom of the garden, everyone knows that.”
“I told you I’ve met a fairy.”

“Ooh was it named Tinkerbell.” Mocked Stephen.

Sam glared at him. “Her name is Alette and she is taking me to meet the man in the moon. We are leaving at midnight. Meet me in the Orchard at our usual meeting place, then you’ll see if I’m telling the truth or not.

“Or we could just watch the moon on the Discovery channel’. Stephen murmured. His father was a Scientist and Stephen was happy to share the knowledge he had learned from his father.

Thomas moved his glasses with one hand and looking slightly perplexed commented. “I didn’t know fairies flew that far, I think I’d be frightened going up so high and I’m sure my parents would kill me if I leave the house at that time of night.

“Well you two can please yourselves, but I’m going.”

At midnight Sam was surprised to find both Thomas and Stephen waiting for her at their usual spot.

Before Stephen could make any comments Alette arrived and ushered the three children into a small yellow Spaceship. This yellow colour is just the same yellow as the moon is when it’s a full moon.” Thomas noted..

Higher and higher they flew past millions of twinkling stars until suddenly they saw the moon appear from behind the clouds looking very very large.

“Look I see the man in the moon,” Thomas yelled excitedly.

At last the yellow Spaceship flew on to the Moon’s surface. The children gazed in awe as they came out and walked on the moon.

“See those craters over there” Dad says they are formed from the impact of asteroids crashing on the moon.” Stephen commented.

“Look how high I can jump.” Exclaimed Thomas excitedly.
Sam jumped up and down next to him. “This must be the gravity they talk about at school.”

Two Unicorns named Stormy and Electra walked over to the children and handed out Moon Juice and honeysuckle cakes. The children had never tasted anything like Moon food and loved the taste and smell of Moon Juice.

After eating and drinking Thomas asked the Unicorns if they could meet the Man in the Moon.

Stephen raised his eyebrows and was about to tell Thomas there was no Man in the Moon, but something seemed to hold him back.

The Unicorns stood up and the children began following them.

“Look at those oceans way off in the distance”. Exclaimed Sam.

The Unicorns explained that they weren’t oceans and were filled with lava. They always spoke at once and sometimes the children had to listen very hard.

Finally they reached the Man in the Moon and were very surprised.

“You aren’t made of cheese at all,” surmised Sam.

“You are just as round as you look from my bedroom window, except lots bigger.
Thomas surmised.

The Man in the moon smiled and handed each child a smooth rock which had different colours inside. “Here is a gift for each of you, now go and enjoy yourselves.”

The children excitedly chased the Unicorns all over the moon. They didn’t feel a bit tired although it was almost dawn.

‘Look at all those caves and mountains around us,” Stephen said pointing at their surroundings. Somehow he didn’t want to share the things his father had told him, he just wanted to enjoy the unusual smells and tastes. He was having so much fun with his friends.

Finally, Alette came to find them and take them back home.

“Come on, it’s time to go now.”
“I don’t see the Spaceship”, sighed Thomas who didn’t want to leave the moon. He was surprised to find he wasn’t as scared as he had been.

“I have a surprise for you” Alette told the children.

“First say goodbye to Stormy and Electra.”

“Can’t we go with them the two Unicorns spoke in unison.
‘No.” said the fairy sternly. “You know what happened last time you went to earth, you didn’t come back and we had to send out a search party to find you”

The Unicorns hung their heads then smiling cheekily they said goodbye to the children.
“Here’s the surprise” said Alette after flying while the children walked a short distance.
“You are going home on this chocolate ladder and as you walk down you can eat some of the chocolate.”
The children had seen so many new and exciting things on the moon but had no idea they would be walking down a chocolate ladder and eating it as they went along.
They started to walk slowly then realized the ladder was perfectly safe as they walked faster chattering all the way down.

Finally, they arrived in the Orchard and went straight home to bed tired and very very happy.
Next morning when they woke up they weren’t sure if they had been dreaming until each child found the flashing rock under their pillows.

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