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Don’t Forget to Set the Clock Ahead" For Daily Flash
“Don’t Forget to Set the Clock Ahead.”

Sam Adams was a big drinker. He grew up in a family of drinkers. His father drank two glasses of whiskey, two beers and a glass of wine every day at night. When driving across the country he would have a beer with his lunch and dinner. Back then in the early 60’s being a heavy drinker was considered manly and normal. Those who could not hold their liquor were looked down upon on unmanly sissies.

Sam’s favorite song was the classic song, “one bourbon, one scotch and a beer”. His favorite versions were the John L Hooker version and the Destroyers version. He had decided that would be the song he would play at his funeral.

One night he was at his favorite watering hole in Berkeley, the Cosmos Club run by a retired US government employee on an alien theme. There were signs everywhere “Space Aliens Drink for Free”. He was there the night the aliens came to cash in for their free drink.

The aliens explained that they were mystified by a number of quaint earth customs, among them the easter bunny, Santa Claus, the ground hog, and daylight savings time. They could not comprehend that concept and why one had to remind each other,

‘Don’t forget to set the clock ahead” on the eve of the change. Just an earth thing, Cosmos behind the bar explained, something you are not expected to get.

The lead alien, Paul, smiled and said

“I’ll drink to that. Give me one bourbon, on scotch and one beer.:

He drank his shots and said,

“man, I have to give you earth creatures mad props. You make the best coffee, booze, porn and weed in the universe. Too bad about the coming invasion.”

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