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Albert Einstein's birthday is March 14, 1879. March 14 is also Celebrate Scientists Day AND *Pi Day - which celebrates math and science.

Write your STORY or POEM about someone making a new scientific discovery (fact or fiction). Use "Scientific" as one of your genres, and include a circle (bolded) in your item.

'Tis a common saying that
what goes around; comes around.
Something like karma
one might suppose.
There should be a proven theorem
by now explaining that to the masses--
in a way that makes sense to
the lowest common denominator.

Using rhyme and reason, he went on
to prove just that. Life is a circle
of two or more joined by an &.
L=x&y (or) x&x (or) b&w (or) them & us.
It really was so simple;
no calculus or trig required.
Simple physics suffices.
Y&M = Life or We.

He'd postulated
decided the ampersand
represented the most important word
across all language
going beyond the science and the math
into the heart of the matter, the nucleus, if you will.
It is all in the addition, not division.
Fusion; not fission.

Einstein rolled over in his grave
and Newton dropped another apple.
The Greek sage Alexander of Aphrodisias
in first defining the physics of a rainbow,
came so very close to the core. But he
was looking up, not in. And thus, it was
Topher the Baker who put it all together
proved the proof wasn't in the pudding, but the pie.

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