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Where are we headed?
In 10 years will these live updates be forgotten
Or will we still be fighting the same fight?
In the Ukraine, strikes expand west for the first time
And there is heavy shelling in Mykolaiv in the South.
Evidence suggests Volnovakha in the East has fallen.

In 10 years will full news coverage be happy
Or will we still be urged to help Ukrainians?
In CNN’s soft screen light complete with
Photos, interviews and live video feed,
Will we still be able to catch up on Ukraine?

In 10 years, what will we need to know
Will the new video still show heavy shelling?
Will a Putin critic who survived two poisonings
Still have plenty to say about the Russian president
Will we be watching sunflowers slowly grow?

In 10 years will we still be tuning in
To big questions about Russians and heavy weaponry
Or will McDonald's packing up and the brain drain
Be what we crave for entertainment every day?
Because this is what I see when I tune in.

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