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A group of adventurers survives an ambush.

"Oh quit whining," said Skrie as she healed the wounds on the half-orc's arm. "It could be worse."

"I dunno how," Malusk scowled at Theren, who had loosed a bolt of fire at the brigand trying to stab him as he lay on the ground. "Gettin' set on fire by me own friends," he huffed. "As if it wertn't bad 'nough when the girl tried ta set me hair on fire, now it's them's I be tryin' ta protect!"

The cleric tried not to giggle as the big fellow complained. She knew he was growing attached to the young mage the way he defended the skinny elf. Skrie knew it would take time before Theren gained control over his spells, then he'd be a powerhouse that Mal would come to appreciate.

"What should we do with this?" Theren asked, pointing to the burned brigand at their feet.

The cleric had finished healing her friend and moved to the fellow who had been abandoned by his companions. Stabilizing his wounds, she tore a piece of his shirt to cover the burns, then poured water over the bandaging.

"We need to make sure Geordo is okay," she replied. "We can pick up the garbage on the way back to Suncall."

Gathering their gear, they crept through the woods toward the old man's camp.

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