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a poem about reliving the springs of my youth, some things do not change
Spring, a Promise of New Life

Memories of sweet youth,
linger to help soothe,
aches of old bones,
mistakes on life’s rocky road.

Mom’s garden was nature’s calm.
Cherry blossom tree, beauty’s balm.
Despite buzz of a pesky bumble bee,
feathered friends and I visited her tree.

Blanket on the ground,
day dreams of my future abound.
The first butterfly I see,
meant a wish granted to me.

Clouds, magical carpet rides,
travel to exotic places, reality aside.
Dad’s joyful whistle, in his garage,
created a lovely visionary mirage.

If a romance went awry,
release young "love" into blue skies.
A string of bad grades,
simply flung into sunny rays.

Lying on the ground now,
Is a trick I haven’t figured out.
I still remember innocent days
Life was quieter, simpler ways.

Each year, dreary winter days drift away.
Pastels of spring arrive to brighten days.
Life is vibrant, new growth occurs.
Spring, and sunny temperatures.

By Kathie Stehr
March 23, 2022
28 lines
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