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get a saddle next time
The buckskin quarter horse stood calm,
unsaddled but with reins and bridle.
She had never ridden a horse before.
Wearing a full-skirted mini-dress and sandals
she thought it audacious that
her nephew offered her the ride,
encouraged it actually.

But, she thought, it might be fun!
Besides, it is a kid’s horse;
how bad can it be?

Mounting from the parking lot bank,
the horse facing the river decided
he was ready and headed for
the water at a brisk trot.

“Make him stop, Aunt Bonnie!” yelled her nephew.

Pulling ineffectively at the reins,
she laughed and laughed,
the bouncing felt so funny.
She saw what was coming next.
The horse kept right on toward
the riverbank where
he stopped,
and put his head down.

Standing knee-deep with one sandal on,
the other floating nearby,
Aunt Bonnie just kept laughing
as she wiped wet hair from her face.
The horse didn't even take a drink.

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