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When yours truly was at the movies watching a certain Indian movie, his family pursued him
*Star*Just a disclaimer, this story is from a child's point of view. This means that certain things might come off as "racist" or "bigoted" but that is not the case. It's the case of a child being exposed to a culture completely different from hers.
Thank you for your understanding.

It was the 26th of March, 2022, and your family was planning a huge get together for the family. It was originally going to be with 4-wheelers and ATVs, but because of how the weather is, decided to head to the zoo instead. You went to the zoo with your baby brother who was born last year, along with your Mom and Dad. Another group in your family consisted of your aunt and all of her sons...except one. He is currently in jail for attempting to break into someone's house to try to steal some food. The zoo wasn't that big, it only had a handful of exhibits. You then go by a burger bar and eat up all kinds of good food! You all ate hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken legs, chicken wings, and all kinds of ice cream treats! Your father then gets a phone call. You recognize the picture on the phone as being your grandmother! Your father picks up the phone and asks what is up. Grandmother is a bit upset again because apparently, even though your uncle was invited to come along, he has other plans. He was instead planning on going to see some, "dumb Indian movie that made no sense whatsoever." She asked him why go to a movie that isn't made with his language and he replies with, "there will be subtitles!!!" Your grandmother sounded a bit distress before hanging up. You look up at your father and notice he is starting to get quite angry. He then says "Screw it, let's go crash his movie session!" before storming off to the car. He goes to the back of the car and opens up a briefcase. Inside is his camera, along with a stick and a weird looking stand of such. He puts the camera on a stick before placing you and your brother in the back before him and Mommy go and head off to the movie theater with your aunt's group in tow.

As you approach the theater, you notice it's not the usual small one like at the mall. The way the building looks is a bit...weird. And as your father drives around to look for a parking spot, you would notice odd looking people going in and out of the doors. After your father parks, he somehow tucks away the camera and stick before getting you and your brother out. As you look around the big parking lot, you see your aunt parking her vehicle nearby, staying inside for safety. Your group then starts to head to the entrance of the movie theater. You notice the woman at the ticket stand looking quite odd, starting with her eyes and long, black hair. And when she spoke with your parents, she had this odd accent in the way she is speaking. Your parents wanted tickets to see the "RRR" movie, but the clerk warned them that the content of the movie may not be suitable for children. She said it contain scenes of animal violence and people's throats being slit and stabbed into. Your father just chuckles and tells them that you all are "big kids" now and most certainly could handle it. The clerk hesitated before ringing you all up. Inside the theater, instead of the usual preppy, pop music, you hear music that you have never heard of before...played by instruments you just have no knowledge about. As your parents give the ticket person the tickets, they were urged to stock up on refreshment since this movie is about three hours long. Your mother gives your father an evil look and he says "Look, if it gets boring, we will just pack it up and leave!" He says chuckling.

As you approach the other end of the theater, you see a strange poster outside of the showroom. Strangely, it just has three R's on it for some weird reason. You also look at how a lot of the people are dressed. You noticed they are wearing such strange looking clothes. The men seem to be wearing what looks like a ball of wrapped up clothes on their heads. You then see some women wearing such sparkly clothes. And for some reason, have a big, red dot on their foreheads. You then finally see someone you recognize: your uncle speaking to some of these strange people. He was speaking to the only one that talks just like him before the two go in. The other people mostly speak in such a weird way, you can't tell what they are saying at all! As you approach the showroom, you notice two entrances: one that has a smooth ramp up to the bottom row of seats. The other entrance is a stairway to the top row of seats. Your father, feeling brave, decided to go up the stairs. You all sit in the back of the room in the darkened room. As you sit in your seat, you see what looks like previews to other movies, but it isn't for movies you are used to...these are weird looking movies that are spoken with in a strange language. Your father rolls his eyes and go "Really brother? This hot garbage over some time with your family? I mean, come on dude, this shit looks so lame..." You noticed your uncle sitting in the middle row of seats while talking to one of these "strange" people while chowing down on hot dogs and popcorn. Before the movie started, it started with disclaimers about how no real animals are harmed and how all of them are computer animated. Your father rolls his eyes again before pulling out his camera and putting it on a stick. He looks at your group and says "Don't worry, I'm just going to confront your uncle about this madness!" before storming off. You watch him go down the right stairway, slowly making his way to your uncle.

All seems to be going smoothly until one of these strange men jumps out of his seat angrily while yelling "NO CAMERA!" Your father tries to calm him down, but he continues to yell "NO CAMERA!" over and over like a broken record. Eventually, he snaps and smacks your father's camera and equipment onto the ground, once again, yelling, "NO CAMERA!" Your father gets mad and tries to start a fight, but is suddenly surrounded by a gang of these weird men! Your mother panics and rushed down to try to help your father, but is soon surrounded as well. You then see one of those women in sparkly clothes come over and try to grab you and your brother, but you let out a blood curdling cry just as your mother rushes back in and pushes her off. She tries to pick you two up, but gets dragged away again by the angry mob as eventually you and your brother are picked up and taken out as you scream bloody murder!


Ross: So um, what's with all the ruckus behind us?
English-speaking Friend: Oh, looks like some trouble makers are getting thrown out!
Ross: Oh really?
ESF: Yes...
Ross: Ok well, looks like the movie is about to start anyways...


You have continued to scream your head off as you and your whole family are dragged out like bags of trash throughout the hallways at the movie theater and into the parking lot outside. Your aunt sees what is going on and rushes over to try to help, but is also grabbed and dragged away by the angry mob. The angry mob then flags down some police officers, enraged over your father trying to film during a movie. As your parents talk to the police, a familiar Sheriff's vehicle pulls up and a deputy asks what is going on. The cops tell her your parents have angered quite a number of people and are going to be in jail soon. As soon as you see your parents get cuffed, you start to cry out loud again before the deputy picks you and your brother up before walking over to your cousins who are still sitting in your aunt's car. This deputy is a family friend of yours and used to go out with your uncle. The deputy makes some calls and eventually, your grandmother comes and picks you all up and takes you home. You whimper and cry all night at Grandma's house as your parents and aunt rot away in jail for their troubles...

To be continued: "A child's Terrifying night at movie pt.2
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