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Nonsense entry for The Whatever Contest [3/2022]
Someday at the zoo

I got fired tomorrow from a job I didn't have, because I went to the zoo. You see, my chocolate-covered Swatch melted 'cuz I left it on my dresser in the sun all night, so I had to use a calendar in the basement to tell what day it was. I don't have one, myself, but I knew there was one down there. I could see it through the slats in the solid metal door, but had to break the lock to get in, 'cuz the guy who rented the apartment the storage room belonged to died, like, ten years ago. Anyway, I was pretty sure today was the 2nd—or maybe the 2nd Sunday—, so I decided to have fun. I didn't think it was 2012, but I knew there was a '2' in it and that's what it said on the calendar, so...

I really like riding the bus, so I caught the bus at the stop in front of my building and took it downtown, then transferred to two subway lines because the bus stop at the end of the line wasn't near the zoo and the first subway stop more than five miles away was closed for renovation after another balmy Spring. There was a long line to get into the zoo and I didn't want to wait, so I climbed the fence into the elephant compound and rode one back to the entrance. The attendant was surprised to get a ticket from someone already inside the zoo, but didn't seem to mind the elephant; maybe they let them relax and roam around on Sundays.

I was having fun watching the lions and tigers, but too many people came and got in front of me to see anymore, so I stood up. I made my way down a path to the top of a hill. There was an ice cream stand giving away free ice cream cones for $5.00, so I took two and threw one to a homely-looking kid who seemed hungry; I still don't know what he was doing in the Monkey cage. When the zoo closed, I walked back to my apartment across the street. I didn't take the bus, 'cuz I remembered about that one subway stop and didn't want to get stuck.

So, that was my day. I hope you had as much fun as I did, unless you didn't want to have fun, in which case I hope you were grumpy all day.


There are 4 prompts for February/March. You will get 10k per entry, 3 entries max. Please copy and paste the bold prompt below into your entry (contest request). You can delete the options you aren't using in your story.

Prompt: Using one of the following prompts, write 250-750 words of a nonsense story about a day you spent at a: zoo, circus, garden, or haunted forest.

For examples of what I mean by "utter nonsense," read several entries in "My Day" . Here are two. "Sleeping like a log..." and "Burger King" I'm looking for that sort of nonsense about how your day at one of the above locations went.

Written for "The Whatever Contest." *Right* "The Whatever Contest

Word/Line Count: 535 words for the entire item; 417 for just the story.
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