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Flash fiction contest entry
Last week, my friend, Carla, received a letter telling her the cat she got from the pound is the cat Dolly Parton lost when she came through on tour. She was instructed to take the cat to the courthouse this morning where Dolly Parton’s manager would pick it up and give her a reward. The letter said she would know him because he would look like Donald Trump. So, I went with her. She had to take time off work, but she is a big Dolly Parton fan so it was worth it.

We arrived at the courthouse and sat on a bench in the lobby. An officer came by and asked that we take the cat outside. She told him we had a meeting but the officer said “just the same, you need to go outside with the cat.” So, we did.

When we went back in to check, Carla had the cat in her arms. There, sitting on the bench where we had been sitting earlier I swear, sat Donald Trump! Really! Looked just like him. The man took one look at the cat and began to sneeze. When he sneezed, the cat jumped out of Carla’s arms right into his face. Here came the officer shouting “I told you to take that cat out of here!” Immediately, here comes around the corner Carla’s next-door neighbor laughing so hard he had trouble saying it: “A – A- April Fool!” It turned out, that the man that looked like Donald Trump is his uncle who works in the courthouse. Neither his uncle nor the officer thought it was funny. But when we got outside, we laughed until tears ran down our faces.
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