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Art gets the last laugh with the help of his friend Sam.
Day Of Fools

“April Fool!” Victoria Picard said when Arthur Twain showed up at her locker, clutching the note she had left for him making a date for lunch in the cafeteria. Arthur was downcast. Then he balled up the note and threw it at her.

“I pity the fool,” Arthur said in a Mister T imitation and stalked away.

“What’s the matter with Artie? Can’t he take a joke?”” Vicky asked his best friend, Sam.

“Oh, he can take a joke as well as the next guy, but not on this day of all days,” Sam said.

“What’s so special about the first of April?” Vicky asked, intrigued.

“Well, he doesn’t like to talk about it,” Sam told her hesitantly.

“Spill nerd, it sounds juicy!” Vicky told him.

“I better not, he’s sensitive about it.”

“You better tell me, or I’ll get the football team to hold a swirly party with you as the guest of honor,” Vicky threatened.

“Okay, but keep it to yourself, OK?” Sam insisted. He bent and whispered in her ear.

Vicky’s eyes rounded and so did her mouth. Then she looked contrite.

“His whole family died on April 1st in a car accident? But he was home sick, so he was the only survivor? How awful!”

Before an hour had past, the story had run through the high school like wildfire. Art was about to go through the main doors of the school, when Vicky caught up with him.

“I’m was sorry to hear about your family, Arthur.”

Art waved enthusiastically at a van.

“Me too, they’re all a bunch of jokesters, especially on this day every year. Wanna meet them?”

There was a loud thump as Vicky hit the floor in a faint. Art and Sam high fived each other and left together.

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