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When the parents of a child decided to get wasted, things go from bad to worst real fast!!
It was the first weekend of April in 2022, and you were just getting ready for a wedding! You had picked out quite a lovely dress for the wedding! Your only complaint is that it gets quite stuffy in this dress and you imagine that it wouldn't be too comfortable to sleep in. You and the rest of your sisters get ready for the wedding before you leave the house. You ride in the family truck from the country all the way to the city. When you arrive in the city, your family pulls into a parking garage attached to the building where the wedding is on the rooftop. After you walk in, you notice that, even though the room is quite big, they have divided the room in half. One half of the room is where the wedding will take place and on the other side of the room is where there are tables and chairs are set up. This is where you think the reception is taking place. The wedding goes off without a hitch and was over in under ten minutes! As the reception starts, you and your sisters started taking pictures and begin to pick up food. Your parents decided to start drinking immediately. After an hour or two, your parents start to get quite drunk and you begin to worry if they are even able to get you home. An hour later, one of your uncles slip out and begins to look for your other uncle. He then comes back cussing up a storm because apparently, your other uncle, disgruntled about something, has slipped out for the night and has not told anyone. This causes your own family to go into a panic because half of them are quite drunk and were going to ask him for a ride home. Over the next several hours, they have tried to call him, but he has blocked their calls, and people continue to get drunker. After a while, one of your sisters ended up taking you and your older sister home because your parents are in the back of the pick-up truck, passed out drunk. At your sister's house, you ask if she has spare clothes for you to change into, but she doesn't have child sized clothes, meaning that you and your younger sister will have to sleep in the clothes you went to the wedding in!


You woke up with some serious cramps. You are also quite sweaty because you had to sleep in the same dress you went to the wedding in. Your feet is also sore because you have been walking around in high heels all night long! When your group decided to pick up your parents, you notice that they are quite agitated. Not only are they are also cramped all over, but they have a horrible headache and have been feeling sick all morning! Thankfully, your group has planned to go to a brunch. You arrive at the restaurant and noticed right away that the table with your family looks at you with shocked faces. They ask why you are still in the same clothes as last night and you told them you had no way to change into cleaner and better clothes! After you get a seat, you grab a plate and head to a buffet table. The food that gets put on your plate doesn't exactly look that...appetizing. The bacon and sausage looks greasy, the eggs had a funny taste, and the grits look absolutely disgusting! And the 'lunch' portion of the buffet looks no better. They had chicken strips, but the size wasn't pleasing to you. You went back to the table with a plate and nibble a bit at your food, but aren't crazy about the flavor of anything. You wait about 15-20 minutes before you get up and decided to head straight to the dessert table. The desserts look a lot better than the greasy stuff earlier! You get a nice big plate full of the sweet goodies and walk back to the table and begin chowing down on the sweets. After a while, your sister starts to annoy you with the phone and you two get into a hostile fight! You two keep fighting until your parents begin yelling themselves. One minute, you are arguing with your sister, the next minute, you are in the back of your family's pick-up truck, trembling as you are still cramping and sweaty from the rough night.

Your family then proceed to go to your grandmother's house to celebrate one of your uncle's birthday. You were so excited about eating more sweets and instead of going into the house, you go straight into the backyard. While you are sitting on the side of the pool, your older sister pulls out a water gun and sprays you with it. Enraged, you grab a water gun yourself and start spraying back. During the rampage, you two unknowingly soak down some people, including your own parents. This starts up another argument among the whole family that lasted a long time. It lasted for so long, that nobody noticed that an hour has passed and your uncle has slipped out again. Your family goes inside and noticed that not only did he take his presents, but he took the birthday cards along with a slice of cake! Your parents begin to argue again and after some time, you start to get hungry. That's odd, you had quite a feast at the restaurant, but for some reason, are starving! While your parents are arguing, you go into Grandma's freezer, you notice a three colored Popsicle...

and a small bag of frozen pizza rolls!

You run into the kitchen and put the bag on the kitchen counter while sucking on the Popsicle when your father looks at you and goes "What the Hell are you doing?" You tell him that you are starving and he angrily asks why you didn't eat anything at the buffet earlier. You tell him that the food looked quite gross and are starving! Your father then angrily smacks the Popsicle out of your hand before grabbing the small bag of pizza rolls and starts to head back to Grandma's freezer. You go into a panic and run after your father and demand he starts heating up the pizza rolls. He puts the bag back into the freezer and grabs your hand and begins to drag you out as you start to scream and cry about being hungry!
On the way back home inside of the truck, your parents find a video of your uncle celebrating his own birthday by himself, saying that his family is too busy "being toxic" to celebrate his birthday. As you ride home, you cry and whine as your stomach rumbles painfully from hunger...
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