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Skrie and her friends confront their "employer"
Half-Truths and Job Offers

Jabe grabbed Karl out of the crater left by Skrie's spell and took off into the woods, all but carrying his son from the scene.

"I certainly appreciate your interference in the men's assault on us," the old man began.

"What," Skrie whipped around to face their erstwhile employer, "in the name of all the gods is this about!" she demanded. "You expect us to trust you, but you won't tell us a damned thing about why we should!"

"I can explain ...."

"Really?" asked the halfling, sarcasm dripping from the word.

"Look, the object is dangerous ...."

"Tell me something I don't already know."

"The nature of the ring is not yours to know," Geordo stood to his full height. "All you need to know is that it is dangerous, and should not be left with criminals."

"I am tired of your half-truths, old man," said Skrie. "You want the ring? Get it from the priestess of Meilikki."

"Damn! The temple priests have often interfered with my work. I will speak with the priestess of Mielikki and retrieve my property." Geordo gives the group a long look. "Despite our reservations with each other," he began, "I have a job for you, if you want it. I will be here another day if you would reconsider."

Skrie stalked from the camp but heard Theren apologize to the old man. "I'll talk to them when we get back to the inn," he followed behind her.

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