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considering my favorites
Who would I place
on that list of poets
who've touched my very soul?
There are so many
of whom I could write,
I just don't really know.

How could I choose
just one favorite
when so many of them exist?
Quite honestly,
it wouldn't be fair
to the ones that I missed.

Maybe Shel Silverstein
or Dr. Seuss
or even Robert Burns
and of course, Thomas Campion.
and I can't forget Poe,
with his darkened verse.

Wait! I almost forgot the women!

There's Plath and Sexton,
Dickinson and Alcott,
and Maya Angelou.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
and Christina Rossetti
and even more, don't ya know!

Sara Teasdale
and both Brontes
Dorothy Parker,
and Edna St. Vincent Milay...

With so many poets,
I can't choose just one
to highlight for you today.

If I left out the name
of your favorite poet,
please don't take it as a slight.
my memory is slipping
and thoughts tend to scatter
and it takes a bit to set them right.

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