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Rated: 13+ · Outline · Sci-fi · #2270854
Outline for a three episode story arc of Doctor Who
A three part Doctor Who story

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Tagline: The Doctor encounters and old and familiar enemy, but things are not as they seem.

In the name of the Doctor.

The newly regenerated Doctor, and his latest companion, Zhu, land on the human colony of Europa. It is approximately 5 billion years into our future, and the sun has begun to expand. Europa is consequently warmer. A sealed colony has been established there.

As is often the case the Doctor arrives during an ongoing conflict. He quickly establishes that the trouble is being caused by Autons, under the control of a Nestene Consciousness. He introduces himself to the human defenders of the colony and is surprised to find that not only have they heard of him, but they are actively hostile to him.

Taking both the Doctor and Zhu prisoner the humans are attacked by Autons and several are killed.
The episode ends with the Autons about to kill Zhu and the Doctor. This is stopped by the use of Dalek weapons. Daleks swarm around the group, shouting that they must defend the Companion, and the Doctor. They also proclaim that they must cleanse the unbelievers, “In The Name of The Doctor”. To the Doctor’s bewildered horror, the Daleks exterminate both Autons and humans alike.

Notes: The Daleks are mainly of Tardis blue in colour. One which seems to be the leader is slightly larger, it’s colouring is cardinal red, and it’s dome is shaped like a mitre. Close examination will reveal more unusual design features. It’s voice is noticeably deeper than that of the main group of Daleks.

Note: Zhu is based loosely on Zhu Meichu the Chinese Princess Changping. This is not explicit, but she has a cybernetic left arm and hand.

Renunciation of the Daleks

The ’rescued’ Doctor and Zhu are taken to a Dalek ship. In what appears to be a large hallway, the Doctor is confronted by huge doors modelled on those of the Tardis, (Complete with ‘Police Telephone’ sign). The usual sound of a Dalek ship is replaced by a similar sound, but modelled on the first few notes of the Doctor Who theme tune.

The ‘Cardinal’ Dalek moves towards the doors, followed by the Tardis Blue Daleks, apparently presuming the Doctor will follow. The Doctor, drags Zhu off, and they go through a side doorway into a passageway. This proves to travel around the perimeter of a church. The Doctor discovers this by selecting a door at random, and peeking through. He is rendered shell shocked by what he sees.

The Church is a 24 sided regular polygon. At it’s centre is a replica of the Tardis console. The walls prominently feature the ‘round things’, but also have huge glass windows, depicting the Companions as Saints. These scenes usually feature other monsters that the Doctor has encountered.
(Bernard Cribbins will have two stained glass windows, one from his character in the Peter Cushing Doctor film, and the other his Donna era character)

Above the central altar, holographic projections of the various incarnations of the Doctor are cycled through. Some of them are accompanied by audio, all these are of the Doctor when angry and vengeful. The new incarnation is conspicuously absent from those shown.

There is a pulpit that rotates around the altar, so that the speaker will face all of the audience at some point. Around the altar are Daleks, arranged in wedges, mainly the Tardis blue variety, with a few ‘Cardinals’. There are one or two non Dalek worshippers too. The pulpit is currently occupied by a humanoid High Priestess who is wearing a Gallifreyan influenced robe. Behind the Pulpit, a huge screen follows her rotation, and currently shows the High Priestess.

She is addressing the congregation of Daleks, and her amplified voice is echoed by the Daleks in the church.

“He is the Dark Lord.”

“The Predator of the Daleks.”

“The Deathbringer.”

“The One Without Mercy.”

“The Great Scourge.”

“The Living Death.”

“The Executioner.”

“The Oncoming Storm.”

“Destroyer of Worlds”

“Our Hatred is pure.”

“We will cleanse the unbelievers.”

“In the name of the Doctor.”

A ‘Cardinal’ Dalek, rolls towards the Pulpit, interrupting the liturgy by announcing that “The Dark Lord is here.”

This causes a cacophony of Dalek voices, amongst which certain phrases will be heard repeated, “He has no mercy.”, “All praise the Dark Lord.”, “Our hatred is pure.” being prominent.

The Doctor looks sick and closes the door, but at that moment another Dalek is seen coming along the passageway. This is an inquisitor Dalek. It’s colours are black and gold. Although it’s dome is a conventional Dalek shape, it has a single flashing light, clearly modelled on that of the Tardis. Instead of a plunger, it has a golden question mark. It’s weapon is also clearly different from that of conventional Daleks, being more elaborate. (When we eventually see one fire, we see that it has a sort of heat, death ray, victims melt and burn.)

The Inquisitor identifies the Doctor, and he is escorted into the church.

The High Priestess who was addressing the Daleks is through the Doctor’s questioning revealed to have once been a part of the Sisterhood of Karn. (Alternatively she could be a previous companion of the Doctor).

The Doctor launches a tirade against the Daleks for making him their god. The Daleks are clearly scared of him. They also volunteer that they have renunciated the Dalek ideal that all creatures other than Daleks should be destroyed, and instead only destroy those who will not follow their belief in the Dark Lord (i.e. The Doctor).

Through what they say, it is clear that the Daleks expect the Doctor to destroy them. However they view this as being a blessing, and believe that their deaths will ‘mingle their hatred with that of the Dark Lord’.

The huge screen now shows a view inside the Europa colony. A deep Dalek voice (basso profondo), announces that the Martyrs are about to cleanse the unbelievers. Daleks strapped with explosives are then seen sliding into the scene, they are screaming, “Our hated is pure”, then “In the name of the Doctor.” Then they explode and the view is cut off abruptly to a brief ‘white noise’ shot.

There is a flicker, and the new incarnation’s rant against the Daleks is shown holographically over the altar. The Doctor watches himself and looks appalled.

Deity of the Daleks

The Doctor regains some composure, and tries to take command of the situation, arguing that as the Daleks are worshipping him as a god, they should obey his commandments. The Daleks chorus, “We obey”. The Doctor then demands that they cease all attacks on Europa.

A Cardinal Dalek informs him that Europa has already been destroyed completely, “In the name of the Doctor.”

The Doctor becomes angry again and demands who is responsible for ‘all this’, then clarifies, asking who gave them the idea of worshipping him, and who is in charge here.

“Is it you?” He asks the High Priestess, but she denies this saying she only echoes the words of ‘The Prophet”.

The Doctor is incredulous, he cannot believe that a Dalek would spontaneously develop any sense of religion.

The High Priestess informs him that the Prophet isn’t A Dalek. The Doctor picks up on the tense of this straight away, and says “So this prophet is still around? Where is he then? Let’s see him or her. Come out come out wherever you are.” (He is clearly losing it a bit at this point.)

The deep voice heard in the previous episode is now heard again.
“Calm yourself Dark Lord.” It is possible to detect a note of sarcasm in the pronunciation of Dark Lord. Then the voice continues, “I am here.”

One of the walls of the church becomes brightly illuminated, the ‘round things’ being the source of the illumination.

From this light a familiar looking shape detaches itself coming forwards. It looks like Davros.

The Doctor is becoming unhinged at this point.

“You. It can’t be you. I saw you die. I’ve seen you die so many times. You’re dead.” he screams “You’re dead.”

The voice replies “Clearly I am not Doctor.” (It is still the basso profondo Dalek voice, and not Davros’ usual voice.)

The Doctor then watches as the figure detaches itself from the ‘Dalek chair’ it came in on, and skips towards him saying, in a normal voice

“You could say I’ve regenerated.”

He stands in front of the Doctor with a shit eating grin saying “It’s me Doctor.”

The figure is the Master and he is besides himself with glee at how well his plan has succeeded.

He explains that he created the church for the Doctor, asking “Do you like it?”

He further explains how eagerly the Daleks took it up, saying that it surprised even him.

The Doctor is furious, the angriest he has ever been seen. Telling the Master to put and end to his games right away, or he (The Doctor) will stop it himself.

The Master mocks him and taunting tells the Doctor how perfect a Dark Lord he is, that he makes a perfect god for the Daleks. The Daleks chorus “Worship the Dark Lord.”

The Master then says that he couldn’t stop it now even if he wanted to. “It’s spread Doctor, oh how it has spread, setting Dalek against Dalek, believer against unbeliever. Endless war, endless chaos, and all in the name of the precious Doctor.”

The Doctor grabs the Master and looks as though he will tear him limb from limb.

The Tardis Cloister Bell sounds, stopping him in his tracks. But everyone else including the Master freezes too, as though time has stood still. Turning to the Tardis he sees the doors open, and Clara Oswald steps out, she is surrounded by a ‘halo’ of light. Walking over to the Doctor she tells him that he is better than this, that the Master is a liar, and exaggerates. That though the Master has created the new religion, it is doomed from the start, because of him – The Doctor.

Clara reminds him of who is is and has been, and that no matter what the Master says or the Daleks believe, he is a force for good. She finishes by stroking his face and saying, “One I’ve not seen before.” then smiles and says “Run you clever boy/girl*, and remember who you are.”

Clara vanishes and time resumes. The Doctor releases the Master and tells him that he isn’t worth it. Taking Zhu’s hand he leads her away into the Tardis, giving a parting shot that he’s no god, and that the Master cannot trick him into being one. He’s just the Doctor, and he always will be.

* As appropriate.
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