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Enjoying the arrival of the day on our waterway.
Estuary Mornings

Kathleen McNamara

A steaming mug of coffee,
warming my hands,
as I watch the sun
climb early morning skies.

I rue my lack of talent.
Breathtaking dawn highlights
are doomed to suffer their deaths
from an awkward brush stroke on a canvas.

It is sunrise on our estuary.
While humans sleep,
ignoring a shrill alarm,
Nature greets the day.

Canada geese honk their arrival,
splash landing on the waterway.
The Great Blue Heron takes wing,
annoyed by the intrusion.

His guttural complaints
echo across the water.
The ghost of a Pterodactyl
present in his flight.

Goslings and ducklings paddle
in the wakes of their elders.
Survival lessons start early.
The parents are stern taskmasters.

These winter residents will depart soon,
following Nature’s dictates.
Soon the summer denizens
will swim in with the tides.

Snowy white egrets and laughing gulls
will compete with the osprey,
bald eagles and herons
for the fish in the waters.

The sun clears the treetops
as the humans make ready for their day.
Car engines and outboard motors make their presence known.
Waterfowl retreat to the marsh grasses.

My coffee cup, now empty,
tells me
enough of the wonder.
Back to the mundane.

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