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The Whatever Contest - 3rd Entry - April 2022

People have personalities. I'm thinking that words can have them also. I thought of two words: infallible and ingenuity for this contest. Incapable of error, infallible would be used. Inventiveness and creativeness would describe ingenuity. The contrast between the two words, infallible could be used more toward the negative side of things, whereas, ingenuity looks more on the positive side of things.

Incapable of error, the word infallible has the potential, I believe, to be very stubborn, or stuck in its ways. A conceited person fits this category, thinking that they're better than anybody else. It's inevitable; they're incapable of making mistakes.

Developing something that would be helpful to others, the words inventiveness and creativeness come to mind. Anyone smart enough to do this, in my opinion, has great ability. I can picture this person as being happy-go-lucky. They would be happy about what they've invented or created.

Now, it's time for a poetic story, a category that I have created.

Infallible as he/she was,
they were all right with
themselves. Inventiveness
and cleverness can be
measured by ingenuity, which
is a treasure.

Once upon a time, I found
myself without a dime. I
couldn't have misplaced this
dime; thinking this way was
not a mistake. When the dime
coughed itself out of existential
thought, the memory began to
dissipate. This was sublime.

Part of their thinking was
infallible, telling them that they
were incapable of having ingenuity.
It took great pleasure to do that to
them. They were resistant to hear
anything positive about their
ingenuity. They listened too much
to their negative thoughts. This was
something they detested.

It caused a rift; they believed they
were incapable of error, since they
were infallible to the core. This
wasn't right, true, or fair. To have any
form of congruity was beyond their
comprehension. To adapt to this kind
of thinking, it was incomprehensible to
have congruity.

By helping others achieve prominence,
the deciding force of intelligence can be
prevalent. If they have the faith and
confidence to believe in themselves,
anyone can have ingenuity.

Infallible versus ingenuity. Don't be
misinformed by the word infallible; it can
be misleading. Congruity can be achieved
by ingenuity.

He/she has to believe that ingenuity can be
achieved. The greatest tool to overcome
the barriers of negativity is you; don't
underestimate yourself.

55 Lines

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Tuesday, April 12, 2022

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