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A heated Mother-son argument over sports.
Dialogue 500 contest entry. April 2022: PROMPT - Let's write an argument! You choose the topic, but make it a sizzler. 496 words.


“Jason! What did I tell you?”

“About what, Mum?”

“Getting ready for Soccer practice. You’ll be late again.”

“I’m not going. I’ve had it with that stupid game.”


“Cuz, I’m a useless, embarrassment. The team’s better off without me.”

“Who told you that?”

“You did,”


“After last weekend’s match.”

“I was angry about your own-goal. You should know better than to take that sort of abuse seriously.”

“You were kinda right. I’m hopeless at the game.”

“Don’t be silly. You’re a good player. Everyone messes-up. You need to go out there and prove me wrong.”

“I don’t wanna play anymore.”

“You're not quitting! Now stop being a naughty little boy, and get ready."

“I’m not a little boy, I’m almost twelve.”

“Not too old for a good smack on the bottom.”

“Hit me; I’ll call the cops.”

“And I’ll cancel your birthday party.”

“I’ll waste your school fees, by purposely failing all my exams."

“Stop it! I won’t let you throw away your talent, in favour of something you’ve never shown interest in. Why Table-tennis, of all games?”

“I’m tired of having to listen to you yelling at me from the side lines. The Rec-Centre discourages such aggressive feedback from spectators.”

“Aggressive feedback?”

“Sometimes, you act like a Helicopter-Soccer-Mum. The rest of the team teases me about it.”

“When you stuff-up on the field, it shames me in front of my friends.”

“School sport's about exercise, having fun and trying your best. It’s not the Fifi World Cup.”

“No one practices, to lose. Improvement comes from motivation. Praise needs to be earned, and scorn deserved.”

“Scorn’s all I ever hear from you. I’m scared of making mistakes when you’re around. I get flustered and stuff-up. You yell at me, and I try not to cry in front of everyone.”

“So, it’s my fault when you get an own-goal?”

“You’re not listening, Mum. Soccer’s making me miserable. Please, let me change sports.”

“What am I meant to do about my friends; the ones I have coffee with, after your Saturday matches?”

“It’s not all about you and those skanky bitches.”

“I will not have you disrespecting my friends! Your Wi-fi privileges are suspended for the rest of the day.”

“That’s not fair. You disrespect me in front of them.”

“You never do anything worthy of respect. Sometimes, I regret adopting you.”

"Would you rather me leave?"

"It'd be good riddance to shameful rubbish."

“Don’t say stuff like that, unless you really mean it. You’ve got no idea how much it hurts, having an entire family abandon you. To lose, what was promised to be your forever home. All over sports!”

“Calm down darling. I'm sorry. Please don't cry. I didn't mean it."

"You're ashamed of me."

"I've always been proud of you. Look, if you want to change sports; I'll support you."



"You're the G-MOAT. The Greatest Mum of At Time."

"And you're my precious little angel."


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