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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Dark · #2271477
When child and her family encounter tornadoes, she thinks she may not see the Easter bunny
*Star*Just a disclaimer: The story you are about to read may contain words and phrases that may come off as "bigoted" or "racist."
That is not the case, these are words coming from people who refused to become familiar with a culture completely different from their own. Thank you for your understanding.

It was a peaceful day and you are nearly a week away from celebrating another Happy Easter with your family! However, you were just about to check in with grandma when you find out that your uncle and a group of his friends are going to New Orleans for a big wrestling event...AEW Dynamite!

Your parents were complaining about how they are able to go about and travel while they are stuck here in the middle of nowhere due to finances.

It was another day that started peacefully. However, as the afternoon progresses, your parents saw on TV News Reporters and the weather people warning everyone that the weather tomorrow could be quite disastrous and they should make plans to protect themselves today! Your father rolls his eyes before he switches channels to a comedy movie with Nicholas Cage in it. You ask your father what the news report was about and your father just chuckles before saying. "Look, these people on TV can rattle about danger all they want, but the worst that is going to happen is just a noisy thunderstorm coming through and not a Goddamn thing is going to happen!"
Later that night, you start to bundle up with your stuffed animals. You hear your mother checking in on your older sister before you fall asleep...


You woke up right around Midnight, with your Mother trying to get you out of bed in a panicking manner. You ask what is going on and your Mother only utters something about terrifying weather before grabbing you and getting you out of bed. As your Mother grabs you and your sister, you see your father hurriedly put together the "panic room" as the house rattles and you hear nothing but thunder outside. As you look outside, you see something that you didn't think was possible...

It was a tornado! Your parents thought a simple thunderstorm was just going to blow through and nothing more! You get spooked and shouted as you and your sister are taken into the "panic room."
In the panic room, you hear the whole house rattle as the storm continues to roar. Eventually, exhaustion takes over and you start to fall asleep.
Later that morning, after the sun rises, you and your family look out and see all the tree limbs that have been scattered all over the place. Your parents let out a sigh of relief and think that it is over...
However, around Noon, another alarm goes off as yet, another tornado has come down and is barreling towards your town! Your family freaks out and you all run back into the house and into the "panic room." Your family was hoping it would just blow through, just like the last one, but unfortunately, it goes by the power plant and knocks out power for your entire town! Because there was no power, your family spent the afternoon cleaning up around the house and throwing away the broken things into a big dumpster.
That night, as your family starts up a gas cooker, you hear the alarm go off, yet again and your parents immediately shut off the gas cooker and quickly grab you and your sister before running back into the "panic room" for the night...

You have woken up early this morning to a dark house. You slip out of the "panic room." You notice that both the front and back yard are covered in leaves and tree limbs. Your father manages to work a battery powered radio and tuned into a station. On it, it talks about all the available shelters ready for storm victims. Your family cheers up a little hearing that and begin to pack their clothes. After you all pack your clothes, you all decided to head to the available storm shelters. Unfortunately, because of an outbreak, the shelter is divided up by those who are vaccinated and those who aren't. Your family thinks that the vaccines are poisonous and want nothing to do with it, but the shelters have no more room for the unvaccinated. During an argument with one of the shelter workers, your father finds out about how a shelter or two is now opened in Mississippi. His anger quickly turns to happiness and he begins to drive away in a truck. However, as your family nears the state border, they run over a nail or something and they end up with a flat tire. Thankfully, there is an auto shop near the available shelter and took the truck there, but it will be an overnight procedure because of the lack of workers. Your family takes a short bus trip to the shelter and manage to get a spot within the shelter. Later that night, your father goes on another rampage, because apparently, your uncle and his friends tried to see another movie, but his female friend "became chicken" and ran off, canceling the movie trip. You look at the phone as your father watches a trailer for the movie called "KGF"

You ask your father about the movie trailer since hardly anything in it was in English and he goes on another tirade. He claims that the movies are made by terrorists as propaganda films to indoctrinate people like your uncle and make heroes out of terrorists like 'Osama Bin Laden.' Of course, your family is given strange looks by everyone at the shelter, including the workers. After a few awkward moments, things finally start to calm down at the shelter and you once again collapse onto the bed in exhaustion.

You woke up early this morning to your father yelling on his phone. He was on the phone with the cheer-leading coach of your school. He was trying to explain to her that you couldn't arrive because you are hours away from home and you couldn't come. The coach spews some insults to your father before hanging up the phone. Your father then looks at you and tells you to put your cheer-leading practice clothes on because you have to go and practice. On the long drive there, you tell your father to please call the coach back and call off the practice because the tornadoes has wrecked up the town and it would be a four hour round trip. Your father sighs before saying that there is no reasoning with her and gripes about how she was in high school with your uncle. Practice carries on as normal, though your coach is a little moodier than usual today. After you finish your bit of practice, your father gets a text message on his phone. It was from your uncle:

"Tell that lard riddled brother of ours that I just got done talking with a badge wearing friend and he just gave me some records about a recent incident. Tell Lardo that if he tries to do anything against me or tries to stand in the way of me or my friends, I will make these records public. And I guarantee if I do, people will be lining up just to call up CPS!!!"

You ask your father what that was about and he said it was nothing and you resume practice. After a long drive home, you immediately go back to the area your family is staying in and once again, collapse onto the bed from exhaustion.

It was another pleasant day and you just got word that your uncle and his group is finally coming back home today! Your father has told you and everyone else that he just got off the phone with grandma and she is suppose to ask your uncle about driving back over here to celebrate Easter in the shelter. However, hours later, your grandmother calls your father back. He asks what is up and she says that there was a sudden change in plans. He wasn't going to come back to the shelter to celebrate Easter...he was going to see that Indian movie back in his hometown.
This sent your father flying into rage and he ended up spending the rest of the afternoon and night cussing up a storm and how these "terrorists" are going to start taking over this country and start forcing us to live their lifestyle whether we like it or not. You fall asleep that night in exhaustion as your father continues to rage about those "head-cloth wearing maniacs!!!"

You woke up early the next morning. You had a dream where the Easter Bunny came and not only stopped all the ferocious storms, but bought your family back together into one happy group. While waking up, your mother gives you your Easter presents. All you and your sister got was a chocolate bunny and a few candied eggs each. Hours later, you finally get inside your father's truck and start to head back home, finally through with the chaos that was bought forth by the tornadoes. As you head back home, you notice your father taking an odd road, this one heading into the town that your uncle lives in. Your sister asks what is going on and your father tells them that we are "paying a certain asshole a visit." Using social media, your father manages to track your uncle and his buddies down to a fancy restaurant. Outside on a patio table was your uncle and a couple of his buddies, eating a big lunch during this humid afternoon! Your family then storm out of the truck, stormed into the restaurant and out onto the patio where your uncle was eating. Everyone at the table looked up at your father. "So, spending Easter with the terrorists instead of with your own flesh and blood huh?!? IS THIS YOUR GAME, HUH?!?" Your uncle chuckles before saying that he really didn't want to spend Easter in a cramped and filthy shelter hours away from home, which prompted your father to snap and flip the table. The two then go into a shouting match before police arrived and started slapping cuffs on your parents!
Hours later, you are both at your older sister's house, crying your eyeballs out as your parents get thrown in jail once again for their rowdy behavior...
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