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The Bridge to Hell Opens Up for Poets Place
The Bridge to Hades

Sam Adams
Was an occult researcher
For the Cosmos Institute
In Berkeley, California

One day he discovered
The ancient, forbidden book
The Necromicron

He chanted
the summoning of the devil

Looking outside his window
He saw a new highway
Leading to a bridge

He walked outside
Started walking
down the bridge

Found himself
At the gateway to hell.

The devil confronted him
Demanding to know
Why he had summoned him

The devil made him an offer
Power, sex, fame
In exchange for his Soul

Sam Adams took the deal
Found he was now president
Of the world

On top of the world
The end of times
Coming at him.

The devil emerges
Reminds him of his deal
And Sam walked down

The bridge to Hell
For the second
and final time.
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