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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Dark · #2271624
While camping, you and your girlfriend encounter a dangerous tornado!
It was a Beautiful day on Friday, and you just got done loading up your camping gear into your truck, getting ready to camp during Easter Weekend! As you and your girlfriend head to the campsite, you hear about your brother going down to the Zoo in New Orleans and roll your eyes saying "Yeah yeah, go see the animals you freak!" you say as you keep driving. You manage to get to the campsite and make some smores for you and your girlfriend using some Easter candy. You go to sleep, chuckling about the stories your brother has stirred up this week...

Saturday morning, you wake up to a bright and sunny day by the lake. You decided to heat up the grill and make you and your girlfriend some bacon and eggs. As you two eat, you check on social media and see that your brother is talking about going quite fast down the highway toward his house. You chuckle again and say "Careful you don't get a speeding ticket dumbass!" before biting into some bacon. As you and your girlfriend start getting your kayak ready, you get an alarming message from your mother. She is distraught again because not only is your brother leaving HIS OWN family stranded at a storm shelter, but is going to spend Saturday night...watching yet, another Indian movie. She is quite shaken up, thinking this movie is propaganda that glorifies terrorism. You tell her you might have a word with him later and hang up. You cuss up a storm about your brother before you spend the afternoon with your girlfriend Kayaking. That night, you cook up quite a feast for yourselves. You decided to cook up some chicken and steak, along with potatoes and onions, corn and French green beans and some peppers. After you have yourselves a good feast, you decided to make some more smores for dessert that night before going to sleep.

The next morning, you woke up to the sounds of a roaring wind. You wonder what it was before sticking your head out, only to have it soaked down in rain! You then hear some loud ruckus and realize that a tornado is coming your way! You wake up your girlfriend and head into a ditch to seek shelter as the tornado blows over. You two stayed inside the ditch until sunlight came out. You both get out and see that not only was your tent torn to shreds, but the rest of the equipment was destroyed. and to make matters worse, all the food you had packed was scattered all over the ground and forest critters of all kind was eating on the food! As you approach the truck, you notice that there is blood pouring down your face and realize that a tree branch struck you while you and your girlfriend was fleeing for your life! As you two clean up, you become thankful that you two are alive and put the remains of the campsite into the back of the truck before leaving for home.

As you head home, you cuss under your breath about how Your brother is a prick for treating his own family like this...
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