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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Dark · #2271630
While celebrating Easter, an incident occurs and you want revenge against your brother!
It was Easter morning and you and your girlfriend are just waking up. It was right at dawn and you decided to wake up your kids and bring them downstairs to give them their Easter baskets. As you wake them up, memories from nearly a month ago pop up in your head. It was when you and other people got arrested at the International Movie theater on false accusations of movie piracy. You also remember how last night, not only did your brother leave some of the family at a storm shelter, but said some "unsavory things" to Mom before going back to that wretched theater to watch yet another Indian movie. You shake out the terrible thoughts and go back to giving the children their Easter baskets. After the kids got their toys, you take them into the front yard to go on an Easter egg hunt, which was quite fun. You all had a grand time hunting down the candy filled eggs!

Early Afternoon, your sister and her boys come over for Easter. You also notice that one of her sons is still in jail over allegedly breaking into someone's house for food. You get angry for a bit, thinking how someone could throw a teenage boy behind bars just for looking for food! You shake those thoughts out before you proceeded to cook up some Easter Dinner. You were making Pineapple ham along with mashed potatoes and some croissant rolls. The cooking comes along smoothly until you get a call from your mother. She is still distraught over what has happened last night when your brother decided to go see an Indian movie instead of spending Easter with his family at the storm shelter. As you tell your mother that you will have a word with the prick, you smell some smoke and realize something is burning! You run into the kitchen and notice that the croissant rolls are burning and immediately turn off the oven and throwing the smoking rolls out into the yard. You and your girlfriend get into a brief argument before you storm out of the kitchen and onto a sofa. As you sit on the sofa to cool off, you notice one of your nephews is watching a Youtube video. You noticed that it's quite an old video. As you watch the video, you get an idea...

You decided to turn on your PS4 and load up "Soul Calibur" on it and bring up character creation. You first create a character of yourself before making a character of your brother. Your kids ask who that person was with all the animal parts on him and you tell them "That is your batshit crazy brother!" You then set the AI's difficulty to its lowest before starting the game. You manage to beat the living crap out of your brother's character and before you could perform the finishing move, you shouted, "THIS IS FOR LEAVING YOUR FAMILY STRANDED IN A STORM SHELTER AND DISRESPECTING OUR MOTHER YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" Your character then performs a finishing move on your brother's character as the kids and your girlfriend cheered you on. As you shut the PS4 back off, you felt quite good about releasing all of that tension in a video game...
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