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When you try to see what the craze is about for Indian movies, you end up looking foolish
It was April 22, 2022, and you are figuring out what you and your girlfriend are going to do that night. You have been seeing all over social media that the Indian movies are doing quite spectacular in the states while other American movies pale in comparison. This made you mad a little because you remember seeing a bit of the intro to the "RRR" movie before you got thrown out and arrested and thought it was some lame shit. You noticed that "KGF" is playing for one last week before they stop. You also notice that the new Nicholas Cage movie is also out. So, you decided to discuss your plans with your timeline on Twitter. You were going to go see the "KGF" movie and if you didn't like it, you were going to see the new Nicholas Cage movie instead. Shortly after you made this post, you are immediately notified that your brother is already taking jabs at you, claiming you wouldn't even last 30 minutes! You huff and think that he is just doing this just to try to intimidate you!

That night, you picked a 6 o'clock time for the KGF movie and a 7:30 one in case the other one was crap. You go up to the ticket stand with your girlfriend at the International movie theater and the lady sitting there looks at you with a bored look on her face. She remembered the last time you were here, you caused up quite a stink and pissed off a whole lot of people! You told her that you would mind your manners this time and purchase tickets. You also bought some snacks at concession since this crap show is suppose to last nearly three hours! You think to yourself why do these Indian people like to make their movies so damn long?!? Don't these people have lives or something?!? Anywho, you get to your seats and start eating. You couldn't help but notice the food quality at this place is better than your usual movie theater's. After going through all of the lame looking trailers for the lame looking movies, you finally get to the movie. During the movie's introduction, you quickly realize that you have just made a big mistake...

You and your girlfriend leave the movie early, disgusted at how the movie started out. You shouted out, "Who the Hell did that guy think he was? 'Oh yeah, check out this helicopter that's bringing me to my palace!' 'Oh yeah, check out all of these drummers welcoming me back home!' 'Oh yeah, check out how wondrous my palace is with all of the gold!' 'And as for you young lady, YOU ARE MINE!' Like, you need a serious ego check dude!" You then immediately posted on Twitter that KGF was a fucking shit show and you are proceeding to watch the new Nicholas Cage movie now...

Hours later, you come back out of your NORMAL theater, much happier than you were before. You then notice a text message notification on your phone. You check it out and see it was from your brother. You open it up and see this:

"Hey Lardo, just wanted to say thanks for helping me win the bet with my buddies! They all either thought you would last till midway through or the entire film! Looks like I was right all along! I knew you wouldn't last that long you fat good-for-nothing Philistine!

You almost chucked the phone across the parking lot, but thought better of it and decided to head home. As you do, your girlfriend checks out your brother's twitter, where he is constantly making you look real bad with your posts, along with this...
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